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Milreu Roman Ruins

The wealth of the ancient Ossonoba’s population is quite evident in the Roman Villa of Milreu located in Estoi (9 km from Faro), where three imperial busts were found: Agrippina (1st century AD), Hadrian (2nd century AD) and Gallienus (3rd century AD).


This Villa was uncovered by Estácio da Veiga, in 1877, who drew up its most complete plan and the only one featuring the agricultural area, now buried.


This rustic Villa, inhabited since the 1st century AD, suffered many changes during the 2nd and 3rd centuries, when it turned into a luxurious Villa; proof of it are the mosaics and marble remains.

The Villa was built around a central peristyle and directly linked to the large thermal baths. The focus goes to the gallery’s temple (4th century AD) dedicated to the cult of water, which was continuously used until the Islamic period.

The Villa’s domina is unknown but possibly it was the person depicted in the woman’s bust dating from the Trajan emperor period. Pay also a visit to the Interpretation Centre where you can find the temple’s model, get acquainted with some of the villa’s construction aspects or see some imperial busts replicas.


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