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Episcopal Palace

 Noteworthy Building -


Two floor building whose construction period is between the late 16th early 17th century still remains as the Bishop’s official residence.

It was rebuilt and extended after the 1755’s earthquake occupying the whole block.

Some features are noteworthy such as the design, the scissor roofs and portal. Inside the building, the hall and staircase are decorated with 18th century tiles. The baroque bookshelves in the library ornamented with chinoiserie are also worth mentioning.





Noteworthy Building

Commissioned by

Bishops D. Afonso de Castelo Branco (possibly); D. António Pereira da Silva (cladding of the library); Friar Lourenço de Santa Maria (tile cladding of the vestibule, staircase and state rooms); D. Francisco Rendeiro


Date of construction/reconstruction/other work

16th, 17th, 18th and 20th century


Religious, plain, rococo architecture. Longitudinal plan with two floors. Rectilinear main façade with balconette windows on the 1st floor with iron railings and tiled “scissor” roofs. The access doorway and window above it are in rococo style

Special features

This is one of the best examples of plain architecture. The interior boasts the largest and most significant examples of “Rocaille” tiles in the Algarve (atrium, stairs to the 1st floor and state rooms). The Library is lined with wooden shelves decorated with carvings and “chinoiserie”.




Lrg.  da Sé, n.º 15
8000-138 Faro
37º0'49.57''N 7º56'6.15''W 
Phone: (+351) 289 894 040

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