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Episcopal Seminary St. Joseph

Noteworthy Building -


This rococo and neoclassic style building is located within the historic quarters, in Sé Square, and inside the Medieval Walls.

Construction began in 1787 and during D. José Maria de Melo’s Bishopric, and is partially built on top of the walls, featuring two separate buildings.

On the northern side, attached to the Episcopal Palace, a building branch was added in the late 17th century featuring lavish stonework.
On the southern side, the second building branch was ended on the 18th century, by the Genovese architect Francisco Xavier Fabri with specific instructions to complete the pre-existent works with regards for the volumetric and composition of the main body.
The building still maintains his original purpose as a clergy member’s school.




Noteworthy Building

Commissioned by

Bishops of the Algarve (D. Afonso de Castelo Branco; D. José Maria de Melo; D. Francisco Gomes de Avelar)


Francisco Xavier Fabri, architect, (18th century)
Date of construction/reconstruction/other work

16th, 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th century

Type Religious, rococo and neoclassical architecture. Longitudinal plan with two floors
Special features

The building was constructed in two distinct phases: the first, to the north, was carried out reusing the original episcopal houses by Dom José Maria de Melo (1787-89) and connects with the Episcopal Palace, via a passage on the main floor; the second, to the south, was commissioned by Bishop Francisco Gomes de Avelar and designed by the architect Francisco Xavier Fabri


Largo da Sé, nº 19
8000-138 Faro
37º0'48.11''N 7º56'7.68''W
Phone: (+351) 289 898 300