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Bank of Portugal

Noteworthy Building -


Construction began around 1926, on a former vegetables market. 

The project, by the architect Adães Bermudes, pursues the same architectural features of other agencies located in several cities of Portugal.

The building displays a Neo-Manueline Revival Architecture with references to Islamic decorations on the main door.




Noteworthy Building

Commissioned by

Banco de Portugal


Adães Bermudes, architect
Date of construction/reconstruction/other work

20th century


Civil, revivalist, neo-Moorish, neo-Manueline architecture. Longitudinal composite plan, with roofs of different types

Special features Stonework doorway with horseshoe arch and neo-Moorish tile decoration. The merlons, the crenels and the stonework mouldings follow neo-Manueline patterns


Prc. D. Francisco Gomes, 12
8000-168 Faro
37º0'56.26''N 7º56'4.88''W