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House on The Former Rua do Pestana

Noteworthy Building -


It’s a two floor building, characteristic of Plain architecture, featuring overhanging eaves and scissor rooftops.


The main facade is located in Misericórdia Street once called Pestana Street; the side facades are located in D. Marcelino Franco square and Albergue Street.

The property is the result of a two buildings’ combination; it used to belong to José Alexandre Eusébio da Fonseca that started the facade in Misericórdia Street, in 1937, being widened in 1940 with a new wing.

Noteworthy are the balcony windows and wrought iron railings. On the spans and watch tower located on the building’s main body (the facade located in D. Marcelino Franco square) some deep alterations were performed.

Since 2012 it houses Faro’s delegation of the Brazilian General Consulate. 




Noteworthy Building

Commissioned by

Family of José Alexandre Eusébio da Fonseca


Date of construction/reconstruction/other work

19th and 20th century


Civil, plain architecture. Longitudinal plan with two floors and “scissor” roofs

Special features Two façades feature balconette windows and wrought-iron railings. Changes to the mouldings and to the belvedere above the main body added to the façade


Prc. D. Marcelino Franco, n.º 2A
8000-169 Faro
37º0'52.4''N 7º55'58.8''W
Phone: (+351) 289 096 211