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Castle/ Brewery

Building of Public Interest (Castle)
Noteworthy Building (Brewery) -


This building is located at Vila-Adentro, nested inside a part of the old castle walls.


Prior to the brewery, in the 30’s and 40’s, the area had already been a prime location for industry since the late quarter of the 19th century until early 20th century, amongst them a distillery from 1904 to 1935.

In the 30’s, due to the industrialization process intended to modernize the city, a section of the wall was teared down creating a new street – Rua Nova do Castelo – in order to facilitate traffic flow.

This is one of the early examples of reinforced concrete use that, notwithstanding,it has never operated as a factory.

From 1968 to 1992 it was occupied by Cervisul (a beer and wine distributor) and by the Southern Infantry Regiment.

In 1998 / 1999 the building was purchased by the Municipality of Faro.




Building of Public Interest (Castle)
Noteworthy Building (Brewery)

Commissioned by

Companhia Produtora de Malte e Cerveja Portugália (Brewery)


Date of construction/reconstruction/other work

13th, 17th, 18th, 20th century (Brewery)


Military architecture (Castle); Industrial architecture (Brewery)


Rua do Castelo
8000-243 Faro
Phone: (+351) 289 821 139 /(+351) 969 923 945