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Crispim House/ District Archive

Building of Public Interest -


Located in the corner of São Pedro and Prior Streets it homes the Crispim Family, since the second half of the 18th century.

This house was a tenement of the Captain-Major.

This building is characteristic of the Plain architecture but sustained further alterations such as the opening of two spans on the ground level, the plaster embellishment by the eave and the construction of a watch tower.

The building was recently occupied by the District Archives.




Building of Public Interest

Commissioned by

Crispim Family


Date of construction/reconstruction/other work

18th and 19th century


18th century, civil architecture. Longitudinal plan with two floors

Special features

Ornamentation with plasterwork under the eaves and the construction of a lookout tower; rectilinear door and window mouldings; opening of two windows on the ground floor


Rua de São Pedro, nº 12
8000-332 Faro
37º1'4.93''N 7º56'9.3''W