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Chapel of Nª. Srª. do Pé da Cruz

In The Process of Classification - Monument of Public Interest 


Located in Pé da Cruz square, formerly known as Poço dos Cântaros.

Construction is estimated to have begun in 1644, according to the date inscribed on the main portal.

Around 1660 it was included in the 17th century enclosure, after the Spanish Rule.

The facade was modified in the 18th century, the corner stones were replaced and the pediment renovated with mortar.

The oratory, in the building’s rear, displays scenes from the Passion of the Christ and dates back to the third quarter of this century.

On the inside it features beautiful collections of Baroque paintings and sculptures.



In the process of classification

Monument of Public Interest

Commissioned by

Popular Brotherhood (Nossa Senhora do Pé da Cruz)



Date of construction/reconstruction/other work

17th, 18th and 19th century


17th century religious architecture (interior ornamentation), baroque (in chancel, paintings and figurative tiled panels), Mannerist and rococo (on main façade). Longitudinal plan, single nave and chancel covered by a dome.

Special features

Plasterwork on the façade, the blind lantern and in the niche with the monumental depiction of the Passion (rear façade of the chapel)


Largo do Pé da Cruz
8000-154 Faro
37º0'56.22''N 7º55'45.86''W
Phone: (+351) 289 823 018
Open on worship hours