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By Sea

The Port of Faro is administrated by the Portuguese Port and Maritime Transport Institute – South Delegation.

Phone: +351 289 860 600
Fax: +351 289860 666
Address: Rua do Alportel, 10 – 3. ° Andar, 8000-293 FARO PORTUGAL


The arrival to Faro may be done by sea, once the city has a Harbour / Commercial Port with the following characteristics:

Elements to approach the Port
Water depth in relation to the hydrographic zero:
Sand Bar – 8 meters
Channel – 5.5 meters
Maneuver basin – 5.5 meter
Water density in the channel and port: salty water – 1.025
Average tide level in BWAV/PMAV: 0.53/3.38
Average tide level in BWAM/PMAM: 1.37/2.63
Seabed: sand

Informations about the Port / Restrictions
Daily manouvres port – the manouvres are preferentially made during the day
Tide restrictions – the manouvres are preferentially made during the high tide

Portuguese Port and Maritime Transport Institute – South Delegation

Note: Ships with dimensions over the following, or arrivals/departures/changes out the established periods (daily period and/or high tide), may be authorized after analysis and assent by the Pilotage Department of  the  Port Authority


Name of the Port: CAIS COMERCIAL
Length: 200 meters
Port high over HZ: 5 meters
Maximum length overall: 110 meters (up to 120 meters, (examined on a case-by-case basis)
Maximum draft: 64 meters
Maximum draft to the Port: 7.0 meters
Cranes: The Port has 3 cranes -  2×6 ton SWL e 1X12 ton SWL


Name of the Port: TERMINAL DE COMBUSTÍVEIS (bridge-port)


Mooring Line Number in Bow and Stern
Ships with deadweight inferior to 3000 ton Minimum 4,2 must be Spring lines
Ships with deadweight between 3000 and 6000 ton Minimum 5,2 must be Spring lines


Hose Number Length Diameter
LPG 4 10 meters 2 inches
JET A1/Gasoil 3 10 meters 6 inches

Available services: water supply, electricity, fuel and garbage and waste water collection.


The Port of Faro has a tugboat with 400 bhp, mandatory for ships of dangerous loads.