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Former Cemetery of The Jewish Community of Faro

Building of Public Interest -


Faro Israelite Cemetery, located next to Faro’s District Hospital, is the only testimony of the Jewish community that lived in Faro, from the early 19th century up to the early 20th century.

The area where the cemetery lies was purchased in 1851.

The date engraved on the upper gate, 5638 (Hebraic year) corresponds to the year 1887 on the Christian calendar.

The first and last burial dates – 1838 and 1932, respectively – show us that this site was used for a one century period. There are 106 memorial stones in total.

The cemetery was abandoned when the Israelite community moved away (last burial was in 1932).

Faro’s Cemetery Fund, Inc., established in 1984, restored the cemetery and re-consecrated it in 1993. In the cemetery’s interior there is also a tiny room, a former tahara (place where bodies are prepared for burial) with a small museum.




Building of Public Interest

Commissioned by

Jewish Community; Faro Cemetery Restoration Fund inc (renovation)



Date of construction/reconstruction/other work

19th and 20th century


Religious architecture/cemetery

Special features

A site of great architectural sobriety containing one hundred and twelve flat graves with Hebrew inscriptions; paved with Portuguese cobblestone; there is also a tahara (house) where the bodies are washed and prayers are said. At the entrance, over the gate, possibly done at the time of construction of the surrounding wall, the date of 5638 is inscribed, which corresponds to the Christian date of 1887


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