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Noteworthy Building -


At the Municipal Council Session of 13th July 1893, it was deliberated “to order before the country’s most accredited factories, drawings for an iron bandstand suitable to install in D. Francisco Gomes Square. 


Construction must have begun the following year, after the letter received from Companhia Aliança do Porto, the most probable project authors.


By building this public equipment for music presentations the Town’s Municipal Council contributed to the importance of that public space.




Noteworthy Building

Commissioned by

Faro Municipal Council


Companhia Aliança do Porto (possibly)
Date of construction/reconstruction/other work

19th and 20th century


19th century, civil architecture. Centralised octagonal plan with railed parapet and pyramid roof

Special features Two doorways with semi-circular arches giving access to basement; stage surrounded by railings from which eight iron columns rise supporting the roof; used by performing philharmonic bands


Adress:Jardim Manuel bivar37º0'57.4''N 7º56'6.04''W