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Belmarço Palace

Monument of Public Interest -


Located on D. Marcelino Franco square and in-between São Francisco and João Maria Brandeiro Streets. 


This is a two floor building except for the tower with 3 floors.

It was commissioned in 1912 by a wealthy tradesman: Manuel de Jesus Belmarço.

The project was designed in 1912 by the architect Manuel Joaquim Norte Júnior being considered an interesting manifestation of Revivalist Architecture.


Inside are noteworthy 2 tiled panels dating from 1916 by the artist Pinto, depicting several images such as Belém Tower, S. João do Estoril Harbour, Pena Castle.



 The building also housed a court House.




Building of Public Interest

Commissioned by

Manuel de Jesus Belmarço


Manuel Joaquim Norte Júnior, architect; Pinto, tile painter
Date of construction/reconstruction/other work

20th and 21st century


Revivalist, civil architecture. Rectangular plan with two floors and turret

Special features

Inside, tile panels depicting the Torre de Belém, the port of São João do Estoril and Pena Castle


Adress:Rua de São Francisco8000-428 Faro37º0'51.08''N 7º55'58.48''W