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Convent of São Francisco/ School of Hospitality

Noteworthy Building -


Located in São Francisco Square, the former convent was built around 1529 on a plot of land donated by D. Vilhena Branca.


Initially the convent belonged to the Friars of Piedade Province and the worship was in honour of Santo António, but in 1541 the Friars, from the Algarve Province, previously settled in Portimão, occupied the convent being the worship then made in honour of São Francisco.

The convent was totally rebuilt after the 1755 earthquake.

In 1834, the Infantry Regiment took over the building and adapted it to a military facility and in 1992 it was purchased by the Hospitality School; the subsequent renovation works were performed by the architect Carrilho da Graça.

Presently it is one of the finest examples in the Algarve in urban restoration.




Noteworthy Building

Commissioned by

Capuchin Friars of the Província da Piedade– land and patronage provided by D. Branca de Vilhena and Nuno Rodrigues Barreto


Francisco Xavier Fabri, architect (possibly 18th century - reconstruction) Carrilho da Graça, architect (refurbishment and conversion)
Date of construction/reconstruction/other work

16th, 18th, 19th and 20th century


Religious architecture/School of Hospitality and Tourism

Special features

The cloister because of its architectural quality and composition


Adress: Lrg. de São Francisco, n.º 518000-142 Faro37º0'45.22''N 7º55'51.83''WPhone: (+351)289 007 200 - from a national fixed networkWebsite:

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