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Casa das Figuras

Building of Public Interest -


Located in João de Brito Vargues Street, right at one of Faro’s main entrances, the building was commissioned by the Associate Judge Veríssimo de Mendonça Manuel in the beginning of the 18th century to be used as a farming warehouse adjacent to Horta dos Ourives.

A typical single floor longitudinal plan baroque building. Its facade displays exuberant plaster ornamentation – two monsters topped by a human figure.


Presently the Orquestra Clássica do Sul is established in the building.




Building of Public Interest

Commissioned by

Judge Veríssimo de Mendonça Manuel


Date of construction/reconstruction/other work

18th (possibly) and 20th century


Civil, baroque architecture/storehouse. Longitudinal plan with single floor

Special features

The façade was enhanced by exuberant plasterwork on the pediment representing fantastic figures alluding to the American and African continents


Adress:Rua João de Brito Vargas8000-518 Faro37º1'34.25''N 7º56'42.63''Wwebsite: