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Fialho Palace/ Nª. Srª. do Alto College

Building of Public Interest -


Located near Chapel of Sto. Antonio do Alto.

It was built between 1915 and 1925 commissioned by João António Júdice Fialho.

The project’s authorship, dating 1913, is accredited to Manuel Joaquim Norte Júnior (1878-1962), and displays characteristics from the revivalist period and influences from French classic art.

Around 1960 the palace was purchased by the Diocese of the Algarve in order to install a College being the project’s architect, Gomes da Costa. Since then the building houses the College of Nossa Senhora do Alto.




Building of Public Interest

Commissioned by

João António Júdice Fialho


Joaquim Manuel Norte Júnior, architect

Date of construction/reconstruction/other work

20th century


20th century, civil architecture

Special features

Compositional symmetry of the façades based around the projecting main section. Inside, the atrium and staircase to the main floor are of special note, and the pictorial ornamentation in some of the rooms


Rua de Berlim
8000-278 Faro
37º1'10.63''N 7º55'2.02''W 
Phone: (+351) 289 824020 / (+351) 289 824027