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Complex of The Manor House Chapel and Former Agricultural Outbuildings of The Horta do Ourives

Building of Public Interest -


Located in EN 125, at Faro’s exit towards Loulé, this suburban complex belonged to the illustrious Algarvian Judge Veríssimo de Mendonça Manuel (1669-1742).


The noble houses were built as his residence under the plain architecture style.

In 1740, the King D. João V has authorized the judge to “build a public hermitage or chapel adjacent to one of the noble houses of the complex of Horta do Ourives, right at the city’s entrance, so masses could be celebrated with a door facing the public road (...) and also with a graveyard”.


This octagonal plan temple is one of the most interesting manifestations of Baroque architecture in the Algarve.


Inside the temple, despite being in a poor state of repair, several ornamentations elements are still noticeable such as moulded plaster with phoenix and floral garlands patterns.




Building of Public Interest

Commissioned by

Judge Veríssimo de Mendonça Manuel



Date of construction/reconstruction/other work

18th and 20th century


Civil, plain architecture. Longitudinal composite plan. Façade along the length of the building, with dwellings and agricultural outbuildings around the chapel. Balcony over arches on upper floor

Special features

The octagonal-shaped chapel is one of the most interesting examples of baroque architecture in the Algarve


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