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Chapel of Stº. António do Alto

In the process of classification – Monument of Public Interest -


Located in Berlim Street. 


Built near a medieval watchtower, its construction probably dates back to the second half of the 15th century.In the 16th century some adjustments were performed and the lower part of the watchtower began to be used as the main chapel.

In the early 18th century it sustained major alterations: in the south, a canopy and a sacristy were built, the frontispiece was destroyed, the nave was enlarged and a new main façade was built.

It has a rich interior artistic heritage, featuring also a medieval tower overlooking the whole city with spectacular views.

Every year a festivity is held, on the 13th June, in honour of Saint Anthony.



In the process of classification

Monument of Public Interest

Commissioned by



Manuel Martins (woodcarving)

Date of construction/reconstruction/other work

14th, 15th, 16th, 18th and 20th century


Military/religious architecture, Gothic, Manueline, baroque and rococo. Gothic watchtower to which a Manueline chapel was joined. This chapel has a single nave with intersecting barrel vault roof.

Special features

Rectangular doorway, façade edged by quoins with baroque decoration, crowned by a pediment. The tower, which dates back to medieval times, was extended to serve as a water pumping station. The Manueline chapel has a small collection dedicated to St. Anthony


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