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Faro, A Nautical Destination



Faro, Nautical Destination, present the organization’s nautical network, potentiating the territory’s existing resources and equipment.

The certification of Faro as a Portuguese Nautical Station, awarded last 16th November, is the result of team work organized by more than 40 partners in different areas and services that allows the creation of diversified experiences, enhancing the connection between the city to Ria Formosa and to the Sea, and associating them with hotels, catering and several nautical services as well as all other activities relevant to attracting tourists and users, constituting a factor that adds value and allows the creation of diverse and integrated experiences always under the premise of the sustainability of resources. 

  • Infraestructures and Equipment

  • Public Entities and Associations

  • Clubs and Sports Associations

  • Pedagogial and Training Services

  • Tourist Animation Companies

  • Repair Services / Support & Security

  • Accommodations and Catering Services

  • Odyssea Blue Heritage



  • Telefone: 289 870 870
  • Morada: Câmara Municipal de
    Faro -Largo da Sé
    8004 - 001 Faro