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Infraestructures and Equipment

  • Boat docks / Jetties

    Boat docks / Jetties existing on Culatra Island and Praia de Faro are infrastructures located that serve for boarding and disembarkation of passengers, being available for use both of the Marine Tourist Companies that operate in Ria Formosa as well as for fishing activities.

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  • Centro Ciência Viva do Algarve

    Centro Ciência Viva do Algarve, located next to the Marina, is an educational equipment that develops activities that relate to the surrounding Ria Formosa's environment and exploring all activities that are possible to experience in it. There is a permanent exhibition that has a particular focus on the Ria Formosa's lagoon system ...

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  • Centro Náutico da Praia de Faro

    Centro Náutico da Praia de Faro is a municipal sport facility specialized in water sports, being its main purpose the educational and recreational aspects of watersports that are one of the main attractions in Praia de Faro.   Contact:Praia de Faro. Avenida Nascente, 8005-520, Faro, PortugalTel: +351 289 870 898/ +351 289 870 ...

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  • Doca de Recreio de Faro

    This Marina, whose licensing for operating was granted to Ginásio Clube Naval de Faro (GCNF) apart from organizing various events, assures the operationally of the entire nautica infrastructure, including a wide range of services such as: mooring of 510 motor boats up to about 7 meters in length, transhipments from and to anchorages in ...

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  • Naval Shipyard Quinta do Progresso

    Naval Shipyard Quinta do Progresso has been licensed for operating to the company Nave Pegos for over 30 years now. Dedicating almost exclusively to sailing vessels. It is one of the few shipyards in the Iberian Peninsula that allow sailors to remain on dry dock while carrying out minor repairs or maintenance operations. The yard has a dry ...

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  • Portas do Mar Warf and Commercial Port Pier

    Portas do Mar Wharf and Commercial Port's Pier are two separate infrastructures that serve for boarding and disembarkation of passengers, especially the wharf, and are also available for use by the Marine Tourist Companies that operate in Ria Formosa.

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  • Private non-profit sports facilities

    Private and non-profit sport facilities, although not being exactly free entrance or free admission to the general public, are facilities and equipment that operate throughout the year, streamlining, educating and supporting a great diversity of water sports, namely surf, paddle, bodyboard, rowing, canoeing, sailing, and other sports and ...

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  • Reverine Park

    The Riverine Park is located in a transition area between the Ria Formosa Nature Park and the urban area of Faro. Inaugurated in 2014, this leisure and recreation park feautures a bird observatory, an outdoor amphitheater for 250 people, cycle and pedestrian paths being also framed by the network of footbridges and rails along its ...

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  • Santa Maria Ligthouse

    Santa Maria Lighthouse on Culatra Island is under the responsibility of the Maritime Authority General Direction.Its construction began in 1851 and the lighthouse underwent several works. Since then several additions were made to the structure being the systemed fully automated in 1997. This is a coastal lighthouse: 46 meters of height ...

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