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Eating in Faro

Faro, as the rest of the Algarve, has a rich traditional gastronomy whose origin dates back from the Roman and Muslim periods.

Due to its location, you may find dishes that combine fresh sea flavours with the strong aromas from the land.
As examples of the Ria Formosa’s importance and fishing activities we have the famous razor shell rice, fried cuttlefish or scaled horse mackerel and for desert nothing better that a tasty Dom Rodrigo (egg threads and almond) or a Morgado (almond cake).

The Ria Formosa Festival is one of the main initiatives for promoting those produces. Organised by VIVMAR - Associação de Viveiristas e Mariscadores da Ria Formosa, it occurs between late July and early August. You can taste the best shellfish that the Ria has to offer; oysters, razor-clams, cockles, mussels, whelks, clams, crabs, all of which are cooked the traditional way or according to the new gastronomic tendencies.

Here are some typical savory dishes and sweets that you can taste in restaurants, hotels and regional festivals:


Savory dishes:
Scaled horse mackerel
Lamb leg in the pan
Pork meat with clams
Xarém (cornmeal oats)
Peas with eggs “Algarve style”
Stewed partridge
Fried rabbit
Boiled chickpea with pork and vegetables
Stuffed squids “Algarve style”
Tuna steaks with tomatoes
Broad beans “Algarve style”
Garlic Gazpacho
Carrots pickled with cumin and garlic

Dried fig with almond
Almond cake
Sweet Easter Cake with cinnamon
Orange Pudding
Dom Rodrigo (egg threads with almond)

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