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Faro’s beaches are located between the Ancão Peninsula and Culatra Island, along the extensive dune chord that is characteristic of the Ria Formosa Natural Park.

This Park being a rich and complex aquatic ecosystem it is formed by a cluster of barrier islands, marshland and channels. The barrier islands form the dune chord that separates the Ria Formosa from the Atlantic Ocean.

Faro is located in a region with Mediterranean climate featuring long dry summer months and mild winters.

The winter precipitation is weak and irregular and throughout the year there is a high solar exposure, being the average temperature 18º Centigrade.

Faro island beach and Barrinha beach also called Barra de S. Luís are located on Ancão Peninsula.

Barreta beach is located in Deserta Island. Farol and Culatra beaches are located on Culatra Island. 



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