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Historic Quarters Vila Adentro

Faro, Historic Heritage

  • Alfândega (Customs House)

    Noteworthy Building - Located near the former harbour, in the riverside area, presently know as Avenida de República. The former Customs house building goes back to 1499, the year which D. Manuel promotes the town's restructuration by building several new equipments. The building we now see is the result of the alterations performed ...

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  • Algarve Regional Museum

    Located in Municipal Assembly’s building, it’s a Revivalist style building dating from the early 20th century. Through an interesting photo exhibit you can take a journey into the past of the 16 Algarve’s municipalities.Visit some of the Algarve's traditions through the existing museum holdings of regional typical objects ...

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  • Aliança Café

    Monument of Public Interest -   The main entrance and facade are located in D. Francisco Gomes do Avelar Street being the building’s rear towards Marinha Street.  The newspaper “O Heraldo” was established in 1912 on that building by Carlos Lyster Franco. A major fire caused extensive damages leading the owner, ...

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  • Arab Door

    Built in the 11th century AD it was one of the elbowed shaped entrances to the Old Town during the Islamic period. It is the only horseshoe arch still in its original place in the Algarve. This door is represented in the medieval illumination Cantigas de Santa Maria (Songs to the Virgin Mary) by Alfonso X. According to the legend there ...

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  • Bandstand

    Noteworthy Building -   At the Municipal Council Session of 13th July 1893, it was deliberated “to order before the country’s most accredited factories, drawings for an iron bandstand suitable to install in D. Francisco Gomes Square.  Construction must have begun the following year, after the letter received from ...

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  • Bank of Portugal

    Noteworthy Building -   Construction began around 1926, on a former vegetables market.  The project, by the architect Adães Bermudes, pursues the same architectural features of other agencies located in several cities of Portugal. The building displays a Neo-Manueline Revival Architecture with references to Islamic ...

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  • Belmarço Palace

    Monument of Public Interest -   Located on D. Marcelino Franco square and in-between São Francisco and João Maria Brandeiro Streets.  This is a two floor building except for the tower with 3 floors. It was commissioned in 1912 by a wealthy tradesman: Manuel de Jesus Belmarço. The project was designed in ...

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  • Bivar Palace

    Building of Public Interest -   Commissioned in the 18th century by the Colonel of the Militias Manuel José Gomes da Costa, the first husband of D. Maria da Paz de Bivar, it is the finest example of the neoclassic architecture in the Algarve.   The Bivar coat of arms stands atop the stairs leading to the main floor; the ...

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  • Byzantine Towers

    Most likely, these towers were built during the Byzantine occupation (mid 6th century AD – 1st half of the 7th century AD).   These pentagonal shaped fortifications are characteristic of the Byzantine military architecture, probably a remnant of the pre-existing Roman walls. These towers were built to reinforce the existing ...

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  • Casa dos Arouca/ Casa D´Alagoa

    Noteworthy Building -   Located in Alexandre Herculano Square it was commissioned, in the beginning of the 19th century, by a noble family, the Arouca’s.  It was in this house that D. Isabel Amália Agnes Caro da Fonseca Arouca was born and died. Afterwards, it was also the home of poet Bernardo de Passos and the ...

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