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Historic Quarters Vila Adentro

Faro, Historic Heritage

  • Castle/ Brewery

    Building of Public Interest (Castle)Noteworthy Building (Brewery) -   This building is located at Vila-Adentro, nested inside a part of the old castle walls.   Prior to the brewery, in the 30’s and 40’s, the area had already been a prime location for industry since the late quarter of the 19th century until early ...

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  • Cathedral

    Building of Public Interest -   The church was built over the ruins of an ancient roman temple having been a mosque during the Arabic period and converted into a cathedral after king D. Afonso’s III conquest. It was raised to the status of Episcopal See in 1577 when it passed from Silves to Faro. The English troops attack ...

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  • Chapel of Our Lady of Rest

    Noteworthy Building -   This chapel, located in one of Vila-Adentro entrances, is part of Arco do Repouso and is nested inside one of the Barbican Towers.  It was built with the funding of Queen D. Mariana, in the early 18th century, to house the image of Nossa Senhora do Repouso. The legend has that Portuguese King D. Afonso ...

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  • Chapel of Nª. Srª. do Pé da Cruz

    In The Process of Classification - Monument of Public Interest     Located in Pé da Cruz square, formerly known as Poço dos Cântaros. Construction is estimated to have begun in 1644, according to the date inscribed on the main portal. Around 1660 it was included in the 17th century enclosure, after the ...

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  • Church of Our Lady of Carmel

    Monument of Public Interest -   Built by the Ordem Terceira de Nossa Senhora do Monte do Carmo between 1713 and 1719 this church is a fine example of baroque architecture on a symmetrical facade. This single nave church, features a chancel and four side chapels decorated with tiles and gilded wood carvings. In the adjoining ...

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  • Civil Government

    Noteworthy Building -    With the establishment of Liberalism in 1834 regional headquarters for the government were created in several cities. In Faro it was only in 1869 that the Palace Conde de Alte, located in D. Francisco Gomes Square, was purchased to install the whole of the government departments. Some years later, another ...

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  • City Walls/ Arch of Rest

    Noteworthy Building -   The east entrance of the medieval walls, for those coming from land, was made trough an elbow shaped door named Arch of Rest (legend has King Afonso III has rested there) This entrance was reinforced in the 13th century with two Almohad flanking towers whose purpose was to defend one of the most vulnerable city ...

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  • City Walls/ New Gate

    Noteworthy Building -       Specifications  Classification Noteworthy Building Commissioned by Yahya ibn Bakr, Islamic Governor (walls) Design Unknown Date of construction/reconstruction/other work 9th, 17th (opening of the Porta Nova), 17th and 20th ...

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  • Convent of Our Lady of The Assumption/ Faro Municipal Museum

    National Monument -   This renaissance style building features a Manueline church with a baroque dome and a lateral renaissance portal entrance. Noteworthy is the two floored “Coimbrão” style cloister with tower buttresses, rounded arches on the ground floor, an architrave on the upper floor being decorated with ...

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  • Crispim House/ District Archive

    Building of Public Interest -   Located in the corner of São Pedro and Prior Streets it homes the Crispim Family, since the second half of the 18th century. This house was a tenement of the Captain-Major. This building is characteristic of the Plain architecture but sustained further alterations such as the opening of two ...

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