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Historic Quarters Vila Adentro

Faro, Historic Heritage

  • Doglioni Mansion/ Cúmano Mansion

    Building of Public Interest -   It occupies a whole block with the main facade facing towards Lethes Street. The 17th century building was purchased by the Italian doctor Lázaro Doglioni as its permanent dwelling. This occupancy led to some works mainly on the building’s central body (3 floors); this intervention ...

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  • Episcopal Palace

     Noteworthy Building -   Two floor building whose construction period is between the late 16th early 17th century still remains as the Bishop’s official residence. It was rebuilt and extended after the 1755’s earthquake occupying the whole block. Some features are noteworthy such as the design, the scissor roofs ...

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  • Episcopal Seminary St. Joseph

    Noteworthy Building -   This rococo and neoclassic style building is located within the historic quarters, in Sé Square, and inside the Medieval Walls. Construction began in 1787 and during D. José Maria de Melo’s Bishopric, and is partially built on top of the walls, featuring two separate buildings. On the ...

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  • House of Captain Manuel de Oliveira

    Noteworthy Building -   Located in Vila-Adentro on the corner of Prof. Norberto da Silva (former Cabido Street) Trem and Arco Streets, the building belonged in the late 18th century to Captain Manuel de Oliveira.  With the proclamation of the Republic and subsequent occupation of the Episcopal Seminar the priests and seminarians ...

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  • House on The Former Rua do Pestana

    Noteworthy Building -   It’s a two floor building, characteristic of Plain architecture, featuring overhanging eaves and scissor rooftops.   The main facade is located in Misericórdia Street once called Pestana Street; the side facades are located in D. Marcelino Franco square and Albergue Street. The property is ...

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  • Manor House of The Captain-General

    Building of Public Interest -    The palace is located on the corner of Filipe Alistão and Capitão Mor streets.   The High Court Judge Veríssimo de Mendonça Manuel ordered its construction, which was completed in 1751 being one of the finest examples of baroque houses in Faro. The project was ...

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  • Manor House of the Gárfias

    Building of Public Interest -   Located in Tenente Valadim Street, once called Gárfias, it was inhabited, in the second half of the 18th century, by Dr. Manuel de Gárfias. In the beginning of the following century it was inhabited by Majorat Francisco de Paula Sárria and his descendants. This baroque ...

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  • Manor house of the Pantojas

    Building of Public Interest -   Located in Santo Antonio Street. This plain architecture style building belonged, in the early 19th century, to Gil Vaz Lobo Freire Pantoja.In 1733 his daughter married his cousin Damião António de Lemos Faria e Castro (a notorious Algarve historian). The Pantojas coat of arms appears on ...

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  • Misericórdia Church and Hospital

    Monument of Public Interest -   In the 16th century the Manueline style Church of Espírito Santo is built housing for two centuries the Casa da Misericórdia. In 1583, on the same grounds, the Bishop D. Afonso de Castelo Branco commissioned the Church of Misericórdia, whose construction was completed in the 17th ...

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  • Montepio Artist´s House

    Noteworthy Building -   Located in Montepio Street, it houses, since 1856, a benevolent Society for artists. "…” Crafts and related trades workers (at the time called artists) founded a charity to provide medical assistance and social welfare to their members. In the beginning of the 20th century the Sociedade ...

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