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Historic Quarters Vila Adentro

Faro, Historic Heritage

  • Primary School for Training Teachers

    Noteworthy Building -    Built for private residence in 1878, it housed, in the beginning of the 20th century, a primary school for training teachers.   Afterwards it also became a training center for high school teachers and, in the 40’s, a charity house - Lar de Nossa Senhora do Bom Sucesso - for young ...

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  • São Pedro Church (Saint Peter)

    Monument of Public Interest -   With the transfer of the Episcopal See from Silves to Faro in 1577, the Order of Santiago, which occupied the church of Santa Maria, was forced to abandon it. Afterwardas they started to build a new church that replaced a small chapel founded by the fisherman that lived in Ribeira neighbourhood in 1518 ...

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  • Town Arch

    National Monument -   This arch is one of the Old Town’s entrances. Commissioned by the Bishop of the Algarve, D. Francisco Gomes do Avelar, it was designed by the Genoese architect Francisco Xavier Fabri. This monumental portal bears a niche with the image of Saint Thomas Aquinas. It was inaugurated in 1812 with the purpose ...

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  • Town Hall

    Noteworthy Building -   Located in the old town’s centre, the construction began in 1883 and continued throughout the following decades. In 1945, the architect Jorge Oliveira was in charge of the building’s main facade renovation. Noteworthy are the entrance hall and the staircase to the upper floor.   Adress:Rua ...

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  • Town Walls

    The city walls surrounding the Vila-Adentro (Old Town) – Faro’s medieval core – were built in the 9th century AD, probably on the pre-existing late-roman wall, by order of Ben Bekr, the governor of Ossonoba (Faro’s ancient name). In 1596 as the result of the English troops’ invasion, led by the Earl of Essex, ...

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  • 16th Century Building/ house of the "Scissor" Roofs

    Building of Municipal Interest -   Located in the corner of Veríssimo de Almeida, Manuel Belmarço and Alexandre Herculano streets.It was once used as a residence. Presently a shop stands here. This 15th century two bodied building features a two floor tower and two one floor houses all with scissor rooftops. From the ...

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  • 18th Century Building/ Fidelidade Insurance Company

    Building of Public Interest -   Located in the corner of D. Francisco Gomes Square.  It was recently restored to accommodate Fidelidade Insurance Company, being one of the finest examples in urban renovation. It’s a two floor building, dating from the 17th century, with overhanging eaves and an impressive hipped roof. ...

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