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Faro's Vicinity

Faro, Historic Heritage

  • Estoi Palace

    Building of Public Interest -     In 1782, Francisco José Moreira de Brito de Carvalhal e Vasconcelos inherited an estate located in Estoi after the death of his father, Francisco José Seabra e Neto.     We assume that none of the existing buildings were used since a new construction began from ...

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  • Main Church of Our Lady of the Conception

    Monument of Public Interest -    Located in the village of Conceição. This medieval church was altered in the early 16th century when the village was awarded with Parish Status. Resulting from these renovations are the triumphal arch and the vaulted main chapel displaying Manueline features. The facade and bell ...

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  • Main Church of Stª. Bárbara de Nexe

    In the process of classification - Monument of Public Interest -   Located in the village centre it has medieval origins. With the rise of the village to parish, in the late 15th century, the building was totally remodelled according to the Manueline and Renaissance styles. Between the late 17th and the early 18th centuries the ...

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  • Milreu Roman Ruins

    The wealth of the ancient Ossonoba’s population is quite evident in the Roman Villa of Milreu located in Estoi (9 km from Faro), where three imperial busts were found: Agrippina (1st century AD), Hadrian (2nd century AD) and Gallienus (3rd century AD). This Villa was uncovered by Estácio da Veiga, in 1877, who drew up its most ...

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  • Parish Church of Estoi

    The rise of Estoi, from village to parish, led to the construction of a bigger temple. The works began around 1640 over the construction of a small medieval chapel dedicated to St. Martin. The 1755’s earthquake severally damaged the building leading Bishop D. Francisco Gomes de Avelar to hire architect Francisco Fabri to rebuild the ...

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  • Old Settlement of Estoi

    In the process of classification – Complex of Buildings of Public Interest - Located between the coastal plain and the hinterland, this medieval settlement has Ossónoba Square as its central point, from which compact and irregular urban dwellings sprung up, in contrast to the late 19th century grid-pattern development to the ...

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